Grow Smarter with Starter-Fluid

Your startup or small business is at or nearing scale? Awesome! But keep in mind: You must strike a very delicate balance between maximizing your runway and preserving your ability to grow. Scale up your team too quickly, and you'll burn through precious capital prematurely. Rely on tactical bookkeeping rather than the right mix of strategic and tactical resources, and you won't be ready to capitalize once it's time to push the pedal to the floor. 

Starter-Fluid is here for businesses like yours. We deliver outsourced finance, accounting and CFO services on an as-needed basis. We also provide operational process and sales management services.  Our blend of resources lets us care for everything from bookkeeping to strategic finance and accounting needs, so you can stay focused on your product/services and customers. 


The Right Skills at the Right Cost

You know the importance of using your capital wisely. The operations, finance and accounting functions offer an opportunity to do just that. The key is to find the appropriate solution for your evolving needs — today, three months from now and beyond. 

Unless your business has reached a clear and sustainable growth stage, bringing on full-time finance and accounting staff isn't the answer. Don't overpay for a CFO who will spend valuable time on tasks that could be performed at a fraction of the cost. And don't hire a bookkeeper who will lack the vision to connect the strategic to the tactical, and require someone with the right skills and bandwidth to manage him or her. 

Finance and accounting outsourcing just makes sense with Starter-Fluid. We give you access to professionals with the precise skills you need at any point in time, from bookkeepers to CFOs. And we put you in control — you can scale up or down as you like and diversify your staffing mix as your business matures. It's a smarter, more cost-efficient way to prepare your business to reach its potential. 

And once you're in a position to bring your finance and accounting operations in-house? Starter-Fluid can help recruit, build and train your full-time team and provide staff augmentation if needed. 



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